What's happening in Accessible Cinema Screenings?

The Cinema is located on the second level of the building which can be accessed via the stairs or the lift located in the main entrance. The seats within the cinema are in a stepped configuration and can be accessed via the following:

Row A – 6 Steps down
Row B – 5 Steps down
Row C – 4 Steps down
Row D – 3 Steps down
Row E – 2 Steps down
Row F – 1 Step down
Row G – Flat level access from the entrance (location of 2 x wheelchair spaces)

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Caption Subtitled (C) Screenings

Captioning is a service for hard of hearing or deaf people.

We provide caption subtitled screenings of films when possible. These screenings have a transcription of the film’s dialogue in English along the bottom of the screen and a description of the sound in the film is also included in these captions.

Note that caption subtitling has to be produced by the film distribution company and that unfortunately, not all films have this feature.

Caption Subtitled screenings are usually every Monday, for both the morning screening (usually around 11am) and the early evening screening (usually around 6pm).

Monday 12 June – The Little Mermaid (PG ) 11am & 6pm

Monday 19 June – Greatest Days (12A) 11am & 6pm

Tuesday 20 June – Name Me Lawland (TBC) 6pm

Monday 26 June – Chevalier (12A) 11am

Monday 3 July – Asteroid City (12A) 11am & 6pm

Monday 10 July – TBC

Monday 17 July – Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny (12A) 11am


Audio Described [AD]/(A) Screenings

These screenings are for everyone.

There is an option for audio description for most mainstream films but this is dependant on the specific film distributors. Anyone with a visual impairment can access this through special AD headsets that enable the user to hear a narrator’s voice explaining all the action on screen during gaps in the dialogue. This is undetectable to other audience members.

Each film listing will have details if there is an audio described option available or feel free to call our Access Line to check (01244 409 113, option one then option three).

If the film does have an AD option*, please ask a member of staff for a headset on arrival**

The Little Mermaid (PG) 9 – 15 June

The SuperMario Bros. Movie (PG) 17 – 18 June (Family Screenings)

Asteroid City (12A) 30 June – 6 July

*Films are checked and updated every Friday morning.
**Audio Description is only available for screenings in the cinema.

Relaxed (R) Screenings

Relaxed film screenings at Storyhouse are for anyone who would welcome watching a film in a more relaxed environment. They have been designed to be friendlier to people with cognitive & sensory disorders, autism spectrum conditions, or dementia. The screenings are open to all, even if you don’t need the adjustments we make for these screenings.

In relaxed screenings, we keep the cinema lights on low and adjust the volume of the film so that it is not as loud as usual. You are free to move around, and leave and re-enter the cinema when you like.  There will be a more relaxed attitude towards noise and talking during the screening.

We hold special relaxed screenings of family-friendly films typically on the second Sunday of every month in our cinema at 10.30am. We also offer the opportunity to watch some of our new release feature films in a relaxed environment.

Relaxed Screenings are usually on the second Sunday of every month at 10.30am (no adverts or trailers).

Sunday 11 June – The Little Mermaid (PG)

We also programme Parent & Baby screenings, which take place every Wednesday at 11am (except during half-term) for parents with babies under 12 months. These screenings also offer a relaxed environment for people who would benefit from that atmosphere.


Accessible Cinema Screenings
Cinema The Eight Mountains (12A)
Today 3.30pm

2 hrs 27 | In a secluded village in the Italian Alps, an unlikely brotherhood forms between two young boys: Pietro, a boy from the city, and Bruno, who has only known mountain life

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Cinema The Little Mermaid (PG)
Tomorrow 1pm, 6pm; Sat 10.30am, 1.15pm, 4pm; Sun 10.30am, 1.15pm, 4pm; Mon 11am, 6pm + more times

2 hrs 15 | AD | Disney’s live action re-telling of the classic fairytale. The beloved story of Ariel, a beautiful and spirited young mermaid with a thirst for adventure

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Cinema Greatest Days (12A)

1 hr 52 | Based on the jukebox musical written by Tim Firth, Greatest Days is a feel-good, universal story of love and friendship featuring the hit songs of Take That.

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Cinema The Super Mario Bros. Movie (PG)

1 hr 32 | AD | With help from Princess Peach, Mario gets ready to square off against the all-powerful Bowser to stop his plans from conquering the world.

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Cinema Asteroid City (12A)

1 hr 44 | AD | A fictional American desert town in 1955 where the itinerary of a junior Stargazer and Space Cadet convention is spectacularly disrupted by world changing events

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Cinema Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny (12A)

2 hrs 34 | The fifth instalment of the iconic franchise, as daredevil archaeologist Indiana Jones races against time to retrieve a legendary dial that can change history

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