Japan Foundation Tour 2023: Angry Son (12A)

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Part of: The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2023

Directed by Ilzuka Kashou 
Starring Horike Kazuki, Shinohara Masafumi, Murayama Tomoka 

Jungo , a high school student living in Ota City, Gunma Prefecture, has a Filipino mother who works at a Filipina hostess bar. His mother has never told him about his father, and the only connection he has to his father is through monthly child support payments. Jungo is homosexual and has a boyfriend, Yusuke. Even though Yusuke wanted to form a partnership with him, he was reluctant to do so because of his background. One day, his mother, Reina, brings her boyfriend home, saying she wants to remarry. Jungo doesn’t want to live with a stranger, so he decides to find his real father. 

Containing a LGBTQ issue, subject matter which is rapidly surging in current Japanese cinema, the director Ilzuka Kasho who is also transgender shines a spotlight on a corner of society where some people feel marginalised in this revelatory film.

Online event: Fri, 24 Mar 2023, 13:00.

As part of the Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2023, three filmmakers, HORIE Takahiro (Sensei, Would You Sit Beside Me?), IIZUKA Kasho (Angry Son) and KOJIMA Oudai (Joint), all of whom are at a relatively early stage in their film directing careers, will share their stories with us of how they entered the world of cinema, while discussing the creative processes of their respective works.

The three directors, with their varied styles and content, will also examine how they position themselves and their works within the lineage of Japanese cinema, and what aspirations they have for the future.

Moderated by journalist and film critic James Balmont.

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12A (TBC)


Approx 111 mins

Time details

15-20 mins of trailers & adverts before the screening (not included in duration)


Japanese with English subtitles

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