Our Architectural Family Workshops will now be operating online, see below dates and materials needed for each challenge.
For more information and the zoom link please contact Neuza: neuza.morais@storyhouse.com


The House as a Shelter: Lego challenge – Sunday 10 May 
During these weeks of lockdown, many changes occurred in the world, in our community, in our jobs, schools, our family nucleus, even the way we perceive ourselves and our position in this new world. Our homes gain different meaning, they are not only a symbol of asset, belonging, identity, and privacy, we are almost bringing back the stone age notion of home – the shelter – a place that keeps us safe!

In this workshop we will use Lego to communicate with each other how would we built a shelter.
Materials required: Lego (normal or Duplo)


The Window to the Future – Sunday 17 May
What is the purpose in having windows in our house? To provide the spaces with natural light, but even more to give people inside an orientation on the world outside, the daytime, weather, view of the surroundings etc.

Look outside your window, what do you see?
Materials required: A window, paper and pens/markers/paint/crayons


The Animal Architect: Play-Doh challenge – Sunday 24 May
If we are talking about architecture we must talk about our most ancient and resourceful architects of all times, the animal architects!
Some animals have been building intricate structures while humans were still living in caves. From birds to ants to bees, join us to see how animals all over the world build their homes.

Now imagine if you were an animal architect, what would you build?
Material required: Paper + pens/markers + play-doh/plasticine


Approx 45 mins

Cinema Strange World (PG)

1 hr 42 | Strange World tells the story of a family of explores whose differences threaten to topple their latest and most important mission.

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On Stage RAWD Presents SUPER!
Garret Theatre

Filled with physicality, music and innovative storytelling this vibrant ensemble show is a journey of self discovery where disabled perspectives take centre stage through the electric lens of superheroes.

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On Stage Dark Horse Theatre presents #Unit21
Storyhouse Theatre

A bold and entertaining show, with an ensemble of 9 exceptional actors with learning disabilities and the voices of award-winning comedians Iain Stirling and Amy Webber.

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Cinema Lady Chatterley’s Lover (15)

2 hr 6 | Following her disastrous marriage to Sir Clifford Chatterley, Lady Constance embarks on a passionate relationship with the handsome gamekeeper

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On Stage TONY! [The Tony Blair Rock Opera]
Storyhouse Theatre

A reckless reappraisal of the life of former Ugly Rumours front man and Britain’s first pop Prime Minister Tony Blair.

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On Stage An Evening and a Little Bit of a Morning with Mark Steel
Storyhouse Theatre

Newspaper columnist of the year and Have I Got News For You regular, Mark Steel, brings his stand up show to Storyhouse.

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On Stage An Audience With Manchester Legends
Storyhouse Theatre

The ultimate evening of Manchester United legends with Bryan Robson and Brian McClair LIVE on stage together hosted by Jed Stone.

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On Stage Sarah Millican: Late Bloomer
Storyhouse Theatre

Sarah Millican returns to Storyhouse with her brand-new stand-up show Late Bloomer. Come along, laugh at her, with her, beside her.

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On Stage Avant Garde Dance: Illegal Dance
Storyhouse Theatre

Tony Adigun’s Illegal Dance is a unique multi-sensory dance theatre experience in which every audience member must decide where they stand, pick a token, rebel or conform!

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Activities Christmas Bauble Workshop
Wed 11am
The Kitchen

Come along to our festive bauble making workshop and stitch yourself, or a loved one, a felt bauble with some hidden sweets inside.

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