Storyhouse will be temporarily closed from Tuesday 17 March. We are not yet sure how long this will be for, but this does affect a number of events, shows and screenings.

These workshops are no longer planned to go ahead. We will update this page with more information as soon as we can.

Remember to stay safe and look after each other.



Architecture Workshops are a series of free drop-in sessions that began in December 2019. These workshops are aimed at families – it’s all about having fun and learning together.

Sunday 22 March – The Neighbourhood
This workshop intends to bring families together to learn through play methodology.
This workshop is all about working together as a family while learning topics like private/public, in/out, structure/space, concept, idea and final project. Each team will receive a set of cubes, glue, paint and cardboard which they will assemble into a building.

Sunday 29 March – Building a City: LEGO Challenge
Gathering some concepts discussed in the previous workshops we will be creating the dream city. Each team will choose an element of the city they will like to represent, like housing, library, school, park, museum, market etc, and they will design their building in respect to their own point of view. After all buildings are finished, we will all gather around and discuss where our designs should be placed in the city, and why.
This is a challenge for everyone, come along and join us in a fun, playful activity that most certainly will make everyone think a bit more about city design.

Sunday 5 April – Mega City
Mega City Challenge is one of our favorite workshops.
As a parallel to our previous LEGO Challenge, where we designed important elements of the city and thoughtfully placed them together in order to build our dream city, in this workshop we will be playing a bit more with the scale of our designs.
We will be working with a very exciting material: Cardboard boxes! And together we will build our MEGA CITY. Are you ready for the challenge?




Approx 75 mins

Cinema She Said (15)

2 hr 8 | AD | The behind-the-scenes story of how two New York Times journalists, Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, pieced together and broke the Harvey Weinstein story

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Cinema White Noise (15)

2 hr 15 | The dramatisation of a contemporary American family’s attempts to deal with the mundane conflicts of everyday life while grappling with the universal mysteries

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Drop-In Session: Young Storyhouse Officer

We will be holding drop ins to come and chat to the team about the Young Storyhouse Officer role on Monday…

Santa’s Reindeer Training Course

BOOKING OPENS SOON. A family-friendly, interactive adventure for 4-8 years olds (and their adults) where young people see if they have what…

Festive Bar

Drop in to our Festive Bar on Storyhouse’s front steps for hot pigs in blankets, warm mulled wines, apple crumble…

Cinema Alternative Christmas Film & Pop Quiz
The Kitchen

Join us for an Alternative Christmas Film & Pop Culture Quiz’, a fun trip through unconventional Christmas film faves, unusual chart toppers and some weird traditions

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Cinema Three Minutes: A Lengthening + Recorded Q&A (12A)
Wed 6.15pm

1 hr 40 | A short piece of found film becomes a fascinating journey into the past in Bianca Stigter’s haunting and moving documentary. 

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Activities Storyhouse Teachers’ Network Event
Garret Bar

An opportunity for local educators to come together with each other and the Young Storyhouse department, take part in creative conversations and build partnerships.

On Stage Majestic Academy of Performing Arts presents Peter Pan
Storyhouse Theatre

Peter and his mischievous fairy sidekick, Tinkerbell, visit the nursery of the Darling children, with a sprinkle of pixie dust and begin a magical journey across the stars.

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Cinema Millenium Actress + Ghibliotheque Q&A (PG)

1 hr 27 | A TV crew is granted a rare interview with a reclusive actress, leading them and the viewer through decades of cinema history.

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