The sensory experience of past landscapes is often lost to us. This series of events led by academics based in the department of History & Archaeology at the University of Chester, will encourage audiences to rediscover how past peoples smelt, touched, handled, saw and tasted their environment.  Each talk will be led by an expert and have an interactive element based around sensory knowledge. From the sense of seeing and being seen in prehistoric landscapes, to the sounds of Chester and the role of touch in the botanic classroom there will be something for everyone to get their senses into.


Navigating Prehistoric Landscapes – led by Dr Barry Taylor

Dr. Barry Taylor and Dr. Amy Gray Jones will lead a virtual foraging expedition through the British landscape as it was at the end of the last Ice Age over 11,000 years ago. With the help of archaeological materials and stories from indigenous groups around the world you will learn how prehistoric people used their senses to navigate this landscape, all the while remaining in the safety of Storyhouse. As you walk in their footsteps, you will experience not only the sense of seeing and hearing these past landscapes, but also of being watched by the plants, animals and supernatural beings that inhabited it. When the expedition ends you can also experience the sensations of working plant materials using replica prehistoric stone tools under the guidance of archaeologists and students from the University.

Tickets are free, but booking is required.



Approx 90 mins

Season Christmas at Storyhouse

It’s Storyhouse’s third Christmas! We’re celebrating the festive season with films, events, activities, and our big family Christmas show: The Snow Queen!!