The Guilty Feminist: Big Speeches

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Last event: Saturday 31 August at 11.30am
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  • Storyhouse Theatre

Part of: Storyhouse Women

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Big Speeches uses the tools of actor training and the performer/audience relationship to increase your confidence, up your presentation game and access the charisma you possess to take your space in any room.

Actors often find themselves in interview scenarios more than any other profession. How to engage one-on-one is just as vital to their career as the ability to hold the attention of hundreds onstage. But the skill-set remains the same; active listening, a body that is comfortable in its space and surroundings, a commanding supple voice as well as clarity in thought and diction.

We begin by warming up the breath, the body and the voice. We engage with text that will allow you to access your inner leading actor. Engaging with your creativity and imagination you can have the starring role on any platform, in any boardroom.

It’s your time. Take the stage.

Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes, bring paper and pen to take notes…and no phones!  

Big Speeches is part of the Storyhouse Women programme in partnership with The Guilty Feminist 

There are a number of £10 bursary tickets available. Please email



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11.30am - 5.30pm

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