1928: Buster Keaton in "Steamboat Bill, Jr."

One for the grown-ups!

Composer, musician and broadcaster Neil Brand (BBC4 Sound of Cinema/Sound of Song and Radio 4 Film Programme regular) presents an evening of Buster Keaton, using clips of his funniest moments and the magnificent feature Steamboat Bill Jr.

We journey with Neil through Buster’s early life, his funniest gags and most death-defying stunts and finally watch him try to impress his river-rat father and get caught in a cyclone that brings THAT house falling down around him.

If you thought you knew Buster, there will be plenty to surprise you – if you’ve never seen Buster live, this is the perfect way to do it.

Neil will also be presenting an Introduction to Slapstick with Live Music for children at 2pm




Approx 120 mins