King Bheema is a good ruler. But Himtuk is not devoid of deceit, bribery, jealousy and superstitions. Can Prince Veera and his best friend Suku bring justice to those cheated? Can they find out if the gemstones turned to pickles or if elephants can be turned from grey to white? Would the not-so-nice king Raja Apoorva get in the way of Prince Veera’s summertime court?

Come and listen to Chitra Soundar tell stories from A Jar of Pickles and a Pinch of Justice and find out for yourself if justice prevails.

Chitra Soundar lives in a house full of giraffes, pigs, hedgehogs, robots and a dog. Amidst all the imaginary chores of cleaning giraffe-poo and filling the bathtub with mud for the pigs, Chitra manages to write and tell stories too.

A Jar of Pickles and a Pinch of Justice (illustrated by Uma Krishnaswamy, published by Walker Books) is her second title in the Prince Veera series. Chitra draws her inspiration from India’s rich history, legends, epics and ancient texts.

Find out more at and follow her on twitter at @csoundar.


Age guide: 5+ (you know your kids best – this is a recommendation, not a restriction)


Approx 60 mins


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