Ever wanted to design your own computer game?

This two hour fun, creative and hands-on game design workshop you will discover the techniques and tools required to design your own fully functional retro 2D platform game. You will learn how to use pixel art to design and animate characters, levels, background plus much more. Your finished games will be published online for you to play at home and share with friends and family.

What you’ll learn:

– How to use pixel art to design characters, levels, background plus much more.
– How to animate the different elements.
– How to test (Play) your game.

What you will leave with:

You will receive a certificate and pin badge that shows you have successfully completed this workshop and you are a certified MakoCreater.




Approx 120 mins

Summer Holidays
Tomorrow 9.30am; Fri 9.30am; Sat 9.30am; Sun 9.30am; Mon 9.30am; Tue 9.30am + more times

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