As part of the Educating Creatively Conference, delegates can enjoy a mezze banquet as they network and socialise with other attendees and speakers.

The dinner will take place Thursday 5th September, 5.30pm – 7.30pm


Please note – below is a sample menu. Bookers will be contacted before the event to ascertain any dietary requirements and allergies.

Mezze Banquet

  • Olives with lemon oil, sea salt (vg)(gf)
  • House pickles: chilli, turnip, cauliflower (vg)(gf)
  • Selection of Dips, all served with a generous helping of griddled pitta – Pea and mint hummus, Spiced sweet potato, Roasted aubergine, tahini & yoghurt


  • Chicken skewers, smoked paprika, Lebanese garlic sauce (gf)
  • Harissa pork sausages with crushed butter beans & parsley
  • Lebanese spiced potatoes, cumin, coriander, garlic (vg)
  • Chickpea falafels with garlic tahini, hibiscus pickled onion (vg)(gf)
  • Baby gem lettuce Salad, cherry tomato, crispy pitta, sumac, olive (vg)(*gf)
  • Giant couscous, roasted pepper, mint, lemon oil (v)(gf)


  • Tahini chocolate brownie’s (v)
  • labneh cheesecake, dark cherries (v) (gf)
  • Sticky date pudding, tahini caramel sauce (v)
  • Cheshire Farm Ice Cream (v)


Approx 120 mins

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