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Sunrise Productions was set up in 2019 with the purpose of making theatre and creative performance available to a wider audience by keeping ticket prices as low as possible.

Our first production was Today I Wrote Everything a collection of absurd drama and comedy, performed around Cheshire and at Storyhouse. Unfortunately, it was in the middle of our run at Storyhouse that Covid closed us down.

We are a fully inclusive company working with people of all abilities and ages .

Sunrise productions has to date produced stage, radio drama and film. In 2022 we are going forward with street theatre and podcasts as well as stage drama.

We take our work on tour to community centers, church halls and all venues within the North West of England and Wales.

Sunrise Productions is a bright and cheerful company making space for creative production and performance of all varieties.

Our new drama Crown & Clan Divided, written by Chris Mapp, is an adaption of Sophocles Antigone. The theme of the play is the tension between individuals going against laws that they judge to be wrong and the state. It is also about family loyalty and sibling love. Our adaptation of this tragedy written over two thousand years ago now has a happy ending and scenes of comedy, with a smattering of girl power.



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