Dealing with Change

Therapeutic Workshop with Art Running from
Last event: Saturday 11 March at 1pm
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Each and everyone of us has experienced change, and it can often spark  challenging emotions which we need to process.

In particular, a change of place, like immigration, is a moment where emotions such as sadness, regret, nostalgia or even grief appear.

On the other hand, it also brings hope and new perspectives.

There has been much research exploring the underestimated mental health consequences of moving to a different country – feelings such as anxiety, unease or depression.

When it comes to the question of what makes someone feel at home, key answers include housing conditions, proximity to significant others and the potential to feel secure, familiar and in control within a place.*

The emotional baggage we carry with making a decision to start over or to attempt living between two places is often underestimated and the cost of it can be significant for our mental health.

Polish designer Kasia Pikula and Chester-based art therapist Rachel Clarke have designed an art workshop to support participants through a life change –  be it of surroundings, place or people.

This workshop is open for everyone dealing with change, although you may be particularly interested if you consider yourself an immigrant, migrant, asylum seeker or refugee or someone who is supporting someone from one of these groups.


*Blunt & Dowling, 2006; Boccagni, 2017; Cuba & Hummon, 1993a; Kusenbach & Paulsen, 2013


Approx 60 mins

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