Deborah Henry-Pollard: 5 Top Tips for Coping as a Creative

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Creative coach, Deborah Henry-Pollard, will publish her first book, “What’s Your Excuse for not Succeeding as an Artist”, on 1st October. This self-help book looks at the excuses which stop artists fulfilling their potential. Whether it is myths or mindsets holding them back, Deborah offers simple, practical advice and inspiring ideas to take artists to the next level.

Whether you’re a weekend artist wishing you could turn your talent into a business or a professional wishing for more exposure and recognition, this book can help. Feel you lack the resources or the confidence, or that your creative dream is too risky? Overcome all of these excuses and many more so that you can develop your potential, enjoy more success and thrive as an artist. The excuses are drawn from Deborah’s experience over 10 years of coaching artists through her company, Catching Fireworks®. She works with creative professionals, helping them to find clarity, overcome blocks and get into action.

“Deborah’s writing, much like her coaching, is straightforward and pragmatic, with her years of accumulated knowledge hitting the nail on the head time and time again. It’s as if she knows exactly what the reader is thinking and addresses internal dialogue with practical solutions that are applicable to creative folks at all stages of career. Take my word for it: once you start reading, you won’t want to stop.” Susan J Mumford, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author. Founder of Be Smart About Art and the Association of Women Art Dealers.


Deborah Henry-Pollard, BA Humanities (Hons) and MAC (Member of the Association of Coaching), is a certified coach working with creative professionals. She has over thirtyfive years’ experience of creating strategies across the arts, charity and retail sectors.

Deborah set up her business Catching Fireworks® in 2009 to concentrate on coaching, working with people who are serious about making a change in their creative life, however big or small, and want to get into action. This could be through finding ways of working which support their practice or helping them get through blocks caused by a lack of confidence, negative perceptions or unhelpful attitudes.

She is also a creative specialist with Be Smart About Art, which offers artists membership, networking, courses and 121. She is a board member for ArtCan, a nonprofit, international arts organisation which supports artists through profile raising activities and exhibitions, an open network of ‘likeminded’ peers and practical support structures.


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