LitFest Elevenses – every day (10 November to 1 December) at 11am

LitFest Elevenses is Chester Literature Festival’s morning session.  It’s a chance for Chester to dip a toe into the literary waters each day in Storyhouse’s Kitchen and listen to a short reading from a local author to start the Literature Festival day.

Saturday 10 November – Stanley Salmons The Tomb and Other Stories
Sunday 11 November – Vicky Turrell It’s Not A Boy
Monday 12 November – Robbie Burton Someone Else’s Street
Tuesday 12 November – Catherine Stothart How To Get On With Anyone
Wednesday 14 November – Julia McGuinness Chester City Walls
Thursday 15 November – Emma Lawrence Gaia’s Library
Friday 16 November – Alison Layland Someone Else’s Conflict
Saturday 17 November – University of Chester Poets Luke Stokoe
Sunday 18 November – Martine Bailey An Appetite for Violets
Monday 19 November – Robert Crompton Solomon’s Magpie
Tuesday 20 November – Karla McDonagh Words Of A Lost Soul
Wednesday 21 November – Angi Holden Spools Of Thread
Thursday 22 November – Angela Topping The Five Petals of Elderflower
Friday 23 November – David Atkinson Inside Fatherhood
Saturday 24 November – Die Booth My Glass Is Runn
Sunday 25 November – Chester Poets
Monday 26 November – Karen Ankers The Crossing Place
Tuesday 27 November – Jan Edwards Winter Downs
Wednesday 28 November – Ruth Elliott-Smith The Sword
Thursday 29 November – Carolyn O’Connell Timelines
Friday 30 November – Bob Kerman (RW Kay) A Nastia Game
Saturday 1 December – Odd Voice Out Odd Voice Out Publishing

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Storyhouse’s annual festival of words and ideas returns this coming autumn.