Encounters: D/Deaf Short Films (15)

Kaleidoscope Festival: A festival celebrating diversity, inclusion and unique abilities Running from
Last event: Wednesday 2 October 2019 at 6pm
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Part of: Accessible Cinema Screenings

Encounters Festival is the UK’s leading short film and animation festival and is the only UK festival accredited to three major awards (Oscars, BAFTA and European Film Academy).

For the third year running, they have curated a programme of shorts with the aim of normalising onscreen D/deafness. We are delighted to showcase this work as part of the Kaleidoscope Festival.

The Last Time I Saw You
Dir: Damian McLindon
Australia | 2018 | 7 mins 20 secs
A sixteen-year-old Muslim refugee confronts a trio of mean girls at school.

You’re Lost, Little Girl
Dir: Cédric Bourgeois
Belgium | 2017 | 20 mins
Anna, a deaf young woman, lives with her grandmother in a campground. While the latter must be hospitalized, Anna finds herself alone and becomes an easy prey …

Dir: Louise Stern
UK | 2017 | 22 mins 47 secs
A young girl comes to live on a boat, she communicates with the people – and the gerbil – who inhabit this world via notes, gesture and dance.

A Woman Like Me
Dir: Isabel Lilia Morales Bondy
UK / Denmark | 2017 | 8 mins 47 secs
A deafblind Danish woman travels to Nepal to meet a woman with the same condition in the hopes of communicating and engaging in a cultural exchange.

To Know Him
Dir: Ted Evans
UK | 2017 | 28 mins
To lay the man she loves to rest a deaf woman must overcome a barrier far greater than language.




Approx 60 mins



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