Feminippers (girls aged 5-10)

Storyhouse Women Weekend Running from
Last event: Sunday 29 April 2018 at 2pm
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    (This session is for girls aged 5 - 10. See below for other sessions).
  • The Den

Feminism isn’t just for grown-ups!

Are you a budding young feminist? Do you think girls should have the same opportunities in life as boys? If so, we’ve got the perfect session for you.

Join other young feminists for an interactive workshop, exploring what being a girl means, and get tips on how to start a campaign in your bedroom.

We will ask parents to complete an emergency contact form when you arrive and then let you leave to enjoy a coffee in the library.


This session is for girls aged 10 – 13
For boys aged 5 – 10, click here
For girls aged 10 – 13, click here


Girls aged 5 - 10


Approx 60 mins

Festival Storyhouse Women

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