For Eyes Only – Top Secret (Streng Geheim) (15+)

Back In The GDR: East German Film Season Running from
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Part of: Back In The GDR: East German Film Season

Directed by Janos Veiczi 
Starring Martin Florchinger, Eva-Maria Hagen, Rolf Heericht, Werner Lierck 

Hansen is a double agent working for the East German secret police. He has infiltrated the American Military Intelligence Division, part of a network planning to invade the GDR.

Hansen’s mission is to obtain and bring back classified, top-secret documents. After the cover of several US spies is blown, Hansen’s boss suspects a leak in his own ranks.

This cold-war spy thriller is the East German version of Bond. 


This film will be introduced by Dr Richard Millington, Senior Lecturer in German at the University Of Chester.




Approx 103 mins

Time details

No trailers or adverts before the screening - this film will start at 7.15pm


German with English subtitles

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