This month is the Fostering Network’s sons and daughter’s month, which recognises the vital contribution foster carer’s own children make within their fostering family. Sons and daughter’s offer friendship and support to foster children which help them to feel settled and part of the family. Did you know that many sons and daughters who have been raised within a fostering family then go on to become foster carers themselves in later life? This is a strong indicator of the positive impact that fostering can have on our own children.

The team is extremely happy & proud to welcome some of our foster carer’s own children & young people along to this event with their parents, to share some of their experiences with you and answer some questions with your warm encouragement! Some of the children & young people benefit from attending our sons and daughter’s monthly support group & events which I’m sure they will love to tell you all about.

If you are considering fostering alongside raising your own family then this event could be the one for you (All other enquirers welcome too!)

Come along and meet our friendly team, listen to our presentation, ask any questions you may have and chat with our experienced foster carer, sons and daughters and supervising social worker.

At the end of the session, if you’re ready, you can fill in an Expression of Interest form to take the next step.

No need to book, just turn up. Tea, coffee and a warm welcome guaranteed!


Approx 120 mins

Festival Storyhouse Parent

A festival exploring the highs and lows of becoming a parent.