Doers. Makers. Volunteers. Activists. Business Owners. Are you looking for new motivational tools? Well, we have the workshop for you!

Gamification, the application of elements from board games and digital game design techniques to non-game problems, such as business and social impact challenges. This ranges from saving green spaces, making people go plastic free, learning about health & safety at work, doing homework or raising awareness on sexism.

This workshop is for everyone who loves creative problem solving and the idea of using the power of games to accomplish great things. In this workshop, you will work in groups to come up with gamified solutions to inspire and encourage people or use it to fight for a cause you are passionate about.

Led by Kasia, a Graphic and UI Designer from Poland, an enthusiast about games and gamification mechanics. She was a scout leader for 10 years, specialising in creating gamified learning experiences for young people. Now she runs workshops about how games can be more than just fun.




Approx 180 mins

Activities, clubs and groups

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