Chester GamesCon

A day of free events part of International Games Week
  • Free, Drop-in
  • The Kitchen

A packed day of activity revolving around all things games including Giant Chess and Connect 4, Conservation and Palm Oil games led by Chester Zoo, workshops on how to create your own board game for children and a Game for Change workshop too.

Board games can be played  all day in the Garret theatre where over 100 games will be on offer for people to come and play for free, or you are welcome to bring their own games too.

The day will also welcome Cake, Battle and Roll who run pop up board game events every month bringing a taste of their catalogue which contains over 300 games! Tabletopshop Chester will also be on hand showcasing what they offer.

Chester Zoo’s Predator vs Prey  Lobby 11-4pm

Predator vs Prey is an exciting visitor-interaction game. It’s fun, free and completely optional to play while visiting the Storyhouse!  The game, brought to you by Chester Zoo, is suitable for all ages and abilities.  Imagine a big game of non-contact tag, hide-and-seek and rock, paper, scissors all rolled into one and played within Storyhouse!

Call at the Predator versus Prey station to receive a very quick introduction, and then enjoy trying to catch or avoid being caught by your family, friends and other visitors as you make your way around the building! Will you survive the whole day as a prey without being caught, or will you finish as the top predator? Keep us updated by using the hashtag #PredvPrey

Scoring takes place in the same spot that you received your induction, just hand in your score before you leave and see where you are on the leader board.  See if you are in our top five predators, or let us know you survived as a prey!

Chester Zoo’s Sustainable Swap Lobby 11-4pm

Lots of species are losing their rainforest habitats to grow palm oil, which is used in 50% of our supermarket products. Come and take part in our Sustainable Swap to find out what you can do to help orangutans! It’s fun, free, suitable for all ages and abilities, and completely optional to play!

Call at the Sustainable Swap station to receive a very quick introduction. Then enjoy trying to switch, swap and trade your sustainable cards with other visitors as you make your way around Storyhouse!

Pop back before you leave to let us know if you have completed the challenge and make a pledge to make a Sustainable Swap in your shopping! Once you’ve completed the challenge come back here to download the Sustainable Swap certificate.




Suitable for all


Approx 600 mins

Summer Holidays

Storyhouse will be filled with activities this summer for young creative minds!