Gavin Esler: Brexit Without the Bullsh*t

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Will Brexit boost jobs? Or wreck the NHS? And what about food shortages? From strawberries to passports, the broadcaster and journalist Gavin Esler presents a no-bullshit guide to the most momentous change in British life for decades. In seven succinct chapters, he sets out how leaving the European Union will affect, food & diet, health & the NHS, jobs & industry, education and travel to Europe.

From the food markets of Kent to NHS operating theatres to the boardrooms of big employers, Brexit throws up many surprises. Some are deeply unpleasant.

Brexit Without the Bullsh*t is not about the Brexit you were told you were getting. It’s about the one that is arriving.

Gavin Esler is a journalist, television presenter and author. He was a main presenter of the BBC current affairs show Newsnight for 12 years until 2014. Since 2014 he has been a public speaker, a political commentator and journalist, and the Chancellor of the University of Kent. In 2019, he stood for Change UK in the European Parliament elections.


Approx 60 mins


Brilliant story-telling
Accessible and fast-paced
Festival Chester Literature Festival 2022

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