Ermy, founder of The Language Rose, is sharing in this workshop how she learned to become a confident speaker of another language and how you can do it too.

Although most examples will be for Italian learners, the strategies presented can be actually applied to any language. Here is what you’ll learn:
• How to have a conversation in a foreign language despite lacking vocabulary (including when you don’t understand what the other person says)
• How to overcome any stress and fear when speaking
• How to feel more confident when speaking Italian (or any other language).

This workshop is for everyone who has been learning Italian (or another foreign language) and despite having learnt a lot they still can’t speak it because…
• They don’t feel confident enough to start or even have a conversation in Italian
• They get stressed out or anxious when they try to speak
• They feel they lack vocabulary (despite being able to understand more than they can say)
• They just want to feel more confident when speaking Italian

If you too would like to finally find the courage to speak Italian, join Ermy for this workshop.

Erminia Pedata, aka “Ermy” (PGCE, MA, and certified language coach with a Neurolanguage coaching® qualification) is a language coach certified by Efficient Language Coaching and accredited by the International Coaching Federation. Ermy helps enthusiastic lifelong learners and Italian lovers to learn to speak Italian using creativity, art and play. Find more about her at or on her Youtube channel




Approx 75 mins

Cinema Kings of The Road (18)

2 hr 55 | A film about friendship between Bruno, who repairs film projectors and travels along the inner-German border in his truck, and the psychologist Robert, who is fleeing from his own past.

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Cinema The American Friend (12A)

2 hr 6 | Jonathan Zimmermann believes that he will soon die of leukemia. The unscrupulous American Tom Ripley, learns of this and exploits Zimmermann’s illness for his own purposes.

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Cinema Wings of Desire (12A)

2 hr 8 | Guardian angels listen to mortals and attempt to comfort them but one of them wishes to become human after he falls in love with the beautiful trapeze artist.

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Cinema Paris, Texas (12A)

2 hr 28 | The story of Travis, a man who wanders out of Mexico and into Texas one day, in the blazing heat of the “Big Bend”.

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Cinema ROH Live: Il Trovatore (TBC)

3 hrs 25 | A devastating curse rises from the ashes in Verdi’s monumental tale of superstition and rivalry.

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Cinema ROH Live: The Sleeping Beauty (TBC)

3 hr 25 | Magic and fairytale characters are brought to life through ballet in this well-known family favourite.

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Cinema ROH Live: The Marriage of Figaro (TBC)

4 hrs | Director David McVicar brings out the revolutionary elements in Mozart’s great comic opera of intrigue, misunderstanding and forgiveness.

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Cinema ROH Live: Cinderella (TBC)

3 hrs | A new production of the much-loved Royal Ballet fairytale classic.

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Cinema ROH Live: Turandot (TBC)

3 hr 20 | Puccini’s final opera is a glorious pageant of rich colour, dance and drama in Andrei Serban’s classic staging.

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Cinema ROH Live: Like Water For Chocolate (TBC)

3 hr 10 | Christopher Wheeldon’s new full-length ballet brings the magic realism of this famous modern Mexican novel to The Royal Ballet.

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