We want to create a community of women with different experiences, from different backgrounds and with different perspectives; who, through witnessing, sharing, talking and learning, becomes an inspiration for women in Chester and beyond.

We want Storyhouse Women’s Hub to offer a place and space for you to build your Resourcefull-ness – helping you feel more at ease and to find your voice and your joy, through self-development and personal support. Secondly to connect with your Purposefull-ness – by inspiring and motivating you to engage with issues that affect you and ask the question of yourself “what am I willing and able to do to make a difference in the world” and “what will enable me to create a life well lived”.

These “Think-Ins” will be facilitated by Louise Dudley and Lucy Holbrook who would love to find out what themes and issues resonate with you? What kind of events would you love to take part in at Storyhouse – workshops, creative sessions, debates, guest speakers, film showings, or something else?

Free to attend. Stay for the duration or drop-in


Approx 90 mins

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