Island of the Hungry Ghosts (12A)

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Last event: Wednesday 1 May 2019 at 6pm
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Part of: THIS WEEKEND: Storyhouse Women


Introduced by Chester and Wrexham Amnesty International UK

Director: Gabrielle Brady

Poh Lin is a trauma counsellor living on the remote Christmas Island with her young family. Poh Lin’s job is to work with people trying to seek asylum to Australia who have been detained in a high security detention facility, deep within the island’s jungle. The island is one of the last discovered places on earth, with humans having migrated to its shores less than a century ago. Director, Gabrielle Brady turns her artist’s eye to the creation of an original documentary about migration and the treatment of refugees.


Please note: this screening takes place on Wed 1 May (not 1 Apr, as advertised in the latest brochure)




Approx 98 mins

Time details

There will be no trailers or adverts before the screening. The introduction will start at the advertised time.

Content Guidance:

References to suicide and self-harm, Upsetting scenes