Jawbreaker (15)

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Last event: Thursday 7 July 2022 at 8.30pm
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Part of: Film Feels Curious: My Forgotten Favourites

Directed by Darren Stein 
Starring Rose McGowan, Julie Benz, Rebecca Gayheart, Judy Greer, Jeff Conaway, P.J. Soles, William Katt, Pam Grier, Carol Kane, Charlotte Roldan. 

In the vein of 80s cult classic Heathers, Jawbreaker is a highly stylised high school comedy with darkness at its core. After a birthday prank goes wrong, a gang of popular girls (led by Rose McGowan) have to cover up the death of their best friend and prom queen, Liz, who they gagged and suffocated with a jawbreaker candy. When they are caught by nerdy Fern (Judy Greer) they convince her to assist in covering up their crime in exchange for a complete personality makeover, allowing her to take Liz’s place in the social hierarchy. The sugary imagery alongside the bright candy-coloured costumes make the film stand out as a satire of teenage popularity with a stand out visual style. 

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Approx 83 mins