Mathematician Katie Steckles is here to give you an introduction to some beautiful mathematical objects called Fractals – and you’ll get a chance to get hands-on and make your own. Use your mathematical thinking skills to put together some 2D and 3D fractals, and together we can make something pretty cool!

Katie Steckles is a mathematician based in Manchester, who gives talks and workshops on different areas of maths. She finished her PhD in 2011, and since then has talked about maths in schools, at science festivals, on BBC radio, at music festivals, as part of theatre shows and on the internet. She enjoys doing puzzles, solving the Rubik’s cube and baking things shaped like maths.


Age guide: 9+ (you know your kids best – this is a recommendation, not a restriction)


Approx 90 mins

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Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre

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