Language Café

Meet new people and practice your language skills Running from
Next event: Sunday 30 January at 3pm
  • Free (booking required)
  • Garret Theatre

Part of: Storyhouse Languages

This event is all about meeting new people, getting to know other international communities living in Chester, or you might want to come along to practice a language you are learning.  

 The Language Café will be split into two parts. The first part will be set up like ‘speed dating/friending’. Native speakers (i.e. those whose first language is English) will sit on one row; and opposite them on another row non-native speakers will sit (those people whose first language is not English). In this part everyone will be speaking English.  

An interval will take place so the room can be set up for Part 2.   

Part two is all about practicing a new Language you are currently learning. In each corner of the room there will be an area for you to speak a specific language with other people (the table will be labelled). You will have some conversation starters to help get you started!  

This event is taking place during the day so that families with children can also take part.  

To book a place please register here so that we can get to know you: 



Approx 90 mins

Upcoming events

Sunday 30 January 3pm Garret Theatre

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