Kaleidoscope: Live! App Launch

Part of the Kaleidoscope Festival: a week-long festival celebrating disability and challenging stereotypes
Last event: Saturday 22 September 2018 at 11am
  • Free drop-in (no need to book)

Members get 10% off tickets at Storyhouse. Moonlight Flicks and Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre. £4 month, no commitment, priority booking, no fees, instant access, two tickets per member.

  • The Kitchen

Ongoing demonstrations throughout the day.

Live! have launched an app available to download on IoS and android. The Live! App will enable families to review services and attractions and their accessibility to the family’s needs.

It will also provide a platform for Live! to promote internal and external services to the wider public.

It is a fun and friendly app that will also include games and latest news in the local area.



Suitable for all


Approx 360 mins

Festival Kaleidoscope Festival

A weeklong festival celebrating neurodiversity and the talents of people living with a learning disability