Kaleidoscope: Makaton #mynameis Booth

Part of the Kaleidoscope Festival: a week-long festival celebrating disability and challenging stereotypes
Last event: Wednesday 19 September 2018 at 10am
  • Free (drop-in)

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  • Storyhouse

Join the campaign to make Chester Makaton friendly!

Take a seat in the booth and record yourself signing Makaton – a language programme that gives everyone a helping hand to talk.

Ran by Inclusive Teaching Matters, a CIC based in Cheshire set up by Amanda Glennon.

Amanda’s main driver to set ITM up was her daughter Alice who 5 days old when she was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome.


There is no need to book for this event – just drop in.


Suitable for all

Festival Kaleidoscope Festival

A weeklong festival celebrating neurodiversity and the talents of people living with a learning disability