Memoria (12A)

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Last event: Wednesday 2 February 2022 at 2pm
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Directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul 
Starring: Tilda SwintonElkin DíazJuan Pablo UrregoDaniel Giménez CachoJeanne Balibar 

Memoria is a calm, beautiful and transcendental film from the extraordinary mind of Palme d’Or winning director Apichatpong Weerasethakul, starring Tilda Swinton. 

A woman, who whilst visiting her sister in Bogota is awoken by a loud bang, audible only to her. Restless and disoriented, she roams the city in search of an explanation for the mysterious sound, becoming immersed in the aural richness around her – whispers in a hospital room, sound effects playing in an editing studio, indiscreet noises from a city square. Despite being present throughout, her motives remain opaque and her encounters enigmatic. Soon she begins to confront the unsettling sights and sounds that call her identity into question.




Approx 136 mins

Time details

15-20 mins of trailers & adverts before the screening (not included in duration)


English and Spanish with English subtitles

Content Guidance:

Unsettling scenes