Director: Joshua Z. Weinstein
Stars: Menashe Lustig, Yoel Falkowitz, Ruben Niborski

This film is a soulful gaze on a world we rarely see in American film: the Hasidic community of New York City. Using non-actors who speak entirely in Yiddish, a man battles for custody of his son following the death of his wife. A tender drama, the film intimately explores the nature of faith and the price of parenthood. “Menashe” makes an incredible case that the specific is universal, and that stories shouldn’t compromise perspective for a wide audience to get it.

Preceded by two short films as part of the International Animation Festival.

Age Rating: U
Duration: 1 hr 22 mins (plus two shorts)

This film will not have adverts or trailers – the shorts which precede the film will start at the advertised time.




Approx 82 mins

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