Interested in coding, programming or electronic?

This two-hour fun, creative and hands-on coding with Micro:Bit workshop is the perfect activity to get you to discover and show off your creative coding talents.

You will discover the techniques and tools required to program a Micro:Bit. You will learn the process of planning, coding, flashing and running your own program. We use a free online coding platform so you can continue the fun at home.

Who is this course for:

We suggest a minimum age of 8 for this workshop. If you’re not quite old enough why not see if an adult up can stay and help you during the session.

What you’ll learn:

– What a Micro:Bit is.
– How a Micro:Bit Functions. (What it can do)
– Introduce coding mentality. (Problem Solving, Bug Fixing, Testing etc)
– How to use block-based coding.
– Writing code and making programs.
– How to flash(Upload) code to Micro:Bits
– Beta Testing Micro:Bit programs (playing with code on Micro:Bit)

What you will leave with:

As well as leaving with your new found knowledge and skills, you will receive a certificate and pin badge that shows you have successfully completed this workshop and you are a certified MakoCreater.

Equipment you’ll need:

All equipment will be provided on the day, you just need to bring yourself.




Approx 120 mins

On Stage The Borrowers
Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre

“Borrower’s don’t steal! Except from Human Beans…”

Past event