Mirai (PG)

Family Saturdays & Sundays at Storyhouse: a family favourite with accompanying crafts 11pm - 3pm Running from
Last screening: Sunday 13 January 2019 at 10.30am
  • All tickets: £4
  • Cinema

Part of: Family Saturdays & Sundays

Past event

Director: Mamoru Hosoda

The birth of a sibling is a joyous time for many, but not for 4-year-old Kun. He struggles to cope with the arrival of baby sister Mirai, seeing her as competition for his parents’ love. That is, until things turn magical. A gateway in the garden allows Kun to time travel and meet family past, present and future. This journey through time prepares Kun to become the big brother he was meant to be.


There will be no trailers or adverts before the screening – the film will start at 10.30am.




Approx 98 mins



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