War Stories is a fascinating account of ordinary men and women swept up in the turbulence of war.

These are the stories –many untold until now –of twenty-eight individuals and three couples who have pushed the boundaries of love, bravery, suffering and terror beyond the imaginable. Told with vivid narrative flair and full of unexpected insights, War Stories moves from tales of spies, escapes and innovation to uplifting acts of humanity, celebrating men and women whose wartime experiences are beyond compare.

Peter Snow is a highly respected journalist, author and broadcaster. He was ITN’s Diplomatic and Defence Correspondent from 1966 to 1979 and presented BBC’s News Night from 1980 to 1997.
Ann MacMillan was born in Wales, the great granddaughter of David Lloyd George, and grew up in Canada where she worked for CHIN Radio, Global TV News and CTV News. She moved to London in 1976 when she married Peter Snow and worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation until 2013.


Approx 60 mins

Festival Chester Literature Festival 2022

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