Positive Inner Wellbeing Workshops for Storyhouse Women

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Last event: Tuesday 12 May at 7pm
  • Suggested Donation: £10 (payable after the workshop directly to Coach)
    Booking Required
  • Online

Workshop 1: Understanding the Power of Our Thoughts
Tuesday 5 May

In this inaugural webinar/mini workshop, Lindsay will be sharing an introduction into the power of our thoughts and how they impact our life; specifically looking at the negative thoughts that so often create fear in our lives and hold us back.

Gaining greater awareness around our thoughts gives us a much better understanding of why we feel how we feel, act how we act, and experience life in the way we do.

From this place of awareness, we can start to move away from negative thinking and towards a calm and balanced mindset, creating more positive inner wellbeing and happiness in our lives.

Workshop 2 follows on from this session, however this session can be attended independently.


Workshop 2: Creating Calm, Balance and Positivity in Our Lives
Tuesday 12 May

In this webinar/mini workshop we take a deeper look at moving away from the negative thinking that so often holds us back in life, and towards creating a calm and balanced mindset.

A calm and balanced mind gives us positive inner wellbeing, and we naturally feel happier in our lives.

You will walk away with effective practices you can start to use immediately, that will bring more calmness and positivity into your life, without changing anything on the outside.

This session follows on from Workshop 1, however can be attended independently.


Session Format

Each workshop usually has a ticket price of £10 per person, however given the circumstances we’re currently living in, we understand this may not be possible for some people. To enable everyone to enjoy the benefits of these workshops, Lindsay is inviting people to instead donate what they can, at the end of the session.

The sessions will be conducted via an easy-to-use video platform (Zoom), and you will be sent instructions in advance to set up on your mobile or laptop.

To get full benefit from the session it is important that you find a quiet space, where you will not be disturbed for the hour.

To participate in the session, you are not required to speak/contribute, unless you wish to, however all participants must have their video on throughout the session.



Approx 60 mins

Time details

7pm - 8pm

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Last event: Tuesday 12 May at 7pm

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