Rabia Saleemi: Freeing Oneself into the Unknown

Part of Educating Creatively Conference. Running from
Last event: Thursday 5 September at 1pm
  • Garret Bar

Part of: Educating Creatively Conference

Rabia has a Bachelor’s degree in Animation and Electronic Media from Duncan of Jordanstone. She has taught Art and Design for the last 11 years in a highly academic international school in Shropshire and, she recently graduated with a Master’s in Art Practice and Education from the University of Chester.

Rabia will be undertaking a practical workshop exploring processes for being free to mark-make. Looking at what can be done to encourage and engage the Self and the Other to create art. This methodology for freeing oneself into the unknown through mark making can be used as a tool for one’s own creative outputs, applied in educational environments or team building context. The audience will be invited to try out and experience this novel methodology experiencing the Self and Other.



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