These stories and a panel discussion chaired by Kate Blakemore, founder of Motherwell Cheshire.

Kate Blakemore is a trainer and person-centred counsellor who enjoys blogging. Kate has experienced many maternal traumas which led to her founding the Motherwell charity. Kate now has 3 children aged 11, 10 and 6. It is this part of her life Kate will be talking about, exploring the struggle with the loss of her old self and the conflict between her job – which she loves – and her other duties, like school-runs and assemblies – which she loves less.

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Rachel Williams

Louise Dudley is a Life Coach who has been coaching women for over a decade. The Life Orgasm Project is a culmination of Louise’s work and my life experiences as a woman. What keeps her awake at night is the desire to actively promote the purpose of joy and fulfilment for women as they step out beyond their societal allotted space.


Approx 45 mins

Festival Storyhouse Parent

A festival exploring the highs and lows of becoming a parent.

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