When Winston Churchill became Prime Minister in May 1940, his appointment was viewed with great unease by very many in his own party, let alone the rest of Westminster. Lord Halifax was the more obvious choice to succeed Neville Chamberlain, viewed as a safer pair of hands than ‘Winston the adventurer’. However, Churchill assembled around him a Cabinet that went on to feed, fund, shelter, mobilise, arm, evacuate, heal and, ultimately, save Britain.

All Behind You, Winston tells the behind-closed-doors story of each of the key figures inside this indefatigable War Ministry, delving deep into the archives to bring to life a coalition Cabinet that was both the brain and conscience of Britain and in many ways, of Churchill too.

About the author
Roger Hermiston is a writer and journalist, and for eleven years was assistant editor of BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme. He is the author of The Greatest Traitor: The Secret Lives of Agent George Blake, and Clough and Revie.


Approx 60 mins

Creative work details

Title: All Behind You Winston
Date Published: 2016-04-07

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