The Institute of Physics’ story-teller has stories with puppets, props, music, and fun experiments that everyone can try.


3rd April 2-3pm

Molly and the Moon

Molly watches the moon every day and notices that its shape changes. Along with Molly’s Mum and Molly’s dog, Molly finds out about the different shapes of the moon and why it changes over time.


4th April 2-3pm

The falling down question

Bella goes for a walk in the park with Grandma. Together they investigate how different objects fall. Bella wonders why all the objects fall downwards and why some fall quickly and some fall slowly.


5th April 2-3pm

Ali noisemaker

Ali likes to be quiet. But Ali lives in a noisy family. Ali decides to find out how sounds get into his ears and discovers a sound that he loves.




Approx 60 mins

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