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Part of: Kaleidoscope Festival 2022

The Spectrum Short Film Programme is a selection of short films all made by people living with a learning disability, autism or Aspergers. The programme has been curated following a series of workshops at Storyhouse by a group of five people who are also neurodivergent. With thanks to the team at Oska Bright Film Festival.


Spectrum – Short Film Programme:

Mattricide (2021 UK)
Director: Gemma Rigg
A humorous stop motion thriller following one woman’s fight with urban fly-tipping.

The Snack  (UK)
Director William Hawkes
The film is about a hedgehog that is trying to hunt a worm but it’s finding it hard to catch.

Beautiful Bear (UK)
Directed by: Stuart Quinn
Peter who is on the autism spectrum lives with a soft toy bear companion called Teddy, who are inseparable. However, one night he must summon the courage to face a situation he has never faced before and for the first time…without Teddy.

Colin 19
Gemma Rigg,
A comedy about a coronavirus microbe. Colins always wanted to travel but didn’t realise his selfish actions would cause the next plague.

Lights Camera Action
Director: Jem Clancy
Lights, Camera, action is a short dance animation made during lockdown in 2020. It is about a dancer in love expressed through colour, sound and movement. The dancer is a hand drawn line animation that appears and disappears in and around different colours and feelings, sometimes in the music sometimes behind it.

Director: Guy Harvey
Michael is called by the government to inspect an insignificant hole in East London. It soon becomes clear this is no ordinary hole, it lures people and animals inside and grows larger with each victim. With no help from the government and the hole getting out of control, Michael decides to run, but how far will he get?

Directors: Eyre & Ely
Two teenage boys meet at the swings to escape their dysfunctional home lives and slowly fall in love.

Strange (UK)
Cameron Carr
An autobiographical story giving a glimpse into an autistic author’s life, exploring friendship, trials and and the use of unique coping strategies.

Bebe AI
Director: Rebekah Fortune
Set in a familiar near-future, a young couple with Down’s syndrome must overcome prejudice and danger to try to save the AI baby they want to adopt. The film explores the disposability of disability.

Wawel Dragon
Director: Cameron Carr
An adaptation of a classic Polish folktale, rich in history, culture and magic told with an epic cinematic lens and stunning animation puppetry.


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Approx 93 mins

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