Storyhouse Wishful Thinking: A Podcast in the Park

An Interactive Event Running from
Next event: Saturday 25 September at 9am
  • Grosvenor Park



This activity can be done at any time of the day!

“To be mindful is to be awake – knowing what you’re doing. To be with nature is to nurture your creativity.” – Storyhouse’s Young Leaders

What is Wishful Thinking: A Podcast In The Park?

Storyhouse Chester is presenting an interactive event for all ages this August and September with an audio tour starting at Chester Cathedral and concluding in Grosvenor Park. With the theme of wishes – Storyhouse’s Young Leaders team have created a journey in mindfulness around the city so you can make your very own wish at the historical Billy Hobby’s wishing well located in Grosvenor Park and learn a bit more about both the fact and fiction of the folklore surrounding Chester.

You can collect a ‘wish’ (a seed card) around a selection of local businesses, hold it, nourish it, and then plant it by the wishing well (come back to the same spot to see your flower bloom) while being guided by Young Storyhouse’s original podcast. There will also be photo opportunities around the city so make sure to take a snap and post with the hashtag #storyhousewishfulthinking

How does it work?


It’s a guided journey, where you listen as you walk!

Pop in your headphones and walk as a group or become immersed on your own journey. There are plenty of checkpoints and things to collect on your way to keep you company. Designed for Chester’s local community and visitors alike to reimagine the sacred spaces around Chester; Storyhouse is encouraging both mindfulness and imagination with two alternative podcasts designed to guide the listener (you!) through the city of Chester. So, whether you would like to get more in touch with your thoughts and meditate in nature, or dive into a story written for this journey – there is a story and journey for all. No matter which you choose to take, the route remains the same, only your choice of entertainment differs.

Come and uncover a few hidden treasures throughout Chester, make a wish, and get your Instagram on with Wishful Thinking: A Podcast in the Park.

Also, take a look at the map below and decide on which journey you will take.


We can’t wait to see you all,
Storyhouse Young Leaders Team


Associated with researcher and visual artist Donna Leishman’s project To Have and to Hold, Storyhouse are encouraging the people of Chester to explore its history throughout Grosvenor Park.

Upcoming events

Friday 24 September 9am Grosvenor Park
Saturday 25 September 9am Grosvenor Park
Sunday 26 September 9am Grosvenor Park
Monday 27 September 9am Grosvenor Park
Tuesday 28 September 9am Grosvenor Park
Wednesday 29 September 9am Grosvenor Park
Thursday 30 September 9am Grosvenor Park
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