Sue Flood: Emperor – The Perfect Penguin

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If you love penguins, you’ll love this book. It’s a celebration of the Emperor, the biggest and most photogenic of all 18 penguin species, and how they live, never setting foot on dry land, spending their entire life out on the sea ice or feeding in the Southern Ocean around Antarctica.

Emperor – the Perfect Penguin is a tribute to her favourite bird by award-winning photographer Sue Flood, one of the very few women working full-time as a photographer in the wildlife/adventure travel field and one of an even smaller number drawn again and again to the Earth’s coldest and harshest environments.

Over the past 20 years Sue has had the good fortune to spend many weeks in the heart of penguin colonies in places as remote and challenging places as the Weddell Sea and the Ross Sea, Antarctica, where she captured her memorable images.

She’s also had some astonishing adventures along the way, and the book includes some of her most remarkable behind-the-scenes experiences. This makes Emperor a very human account of a place few humans will ever get to see at first hand as well as a glorious collection of images.


Sue Flood is an award-winning photographer and filmmaker, adventure travel leader and public speaker.  Her work takes her all over the world but she has a special passion for the wildlife and icy beauty of Antarctica and is one of the very few women who chooses to return again and again to Earth’s harshest and most demanding environment.

Her first visit to the Poles happened more than 20 years ago while making nature television documentaries. A Durham University zoology graduate, Sue spent 11 years with the BBC Natural History Unit, working on series including The Blue Planet and Planet Earth as well as the Disneynature movie Earth.

Her adventures in the Arctic and Antarctic have included camping at -40°C in the Arctic winter, diving with leopard seals, working on Russian icebreakers on trips to the North Pole and Antarctica, and living with Inuit hunters on the floe edge.

Sue has appeared on screen for the BBC, Discovery Channel and National Geographic; been featured on the series Cameramen Who Dare and has had her images showcased in numerous newspapers, magazines and galleries as well as winning multiple awards in competitions including the Travel Photographer of the Year, International Photographer of the Year, International Garden Photographer of the Year, the International Conservation Photography Awards (Best of Festival), and gaining a Royal Photographic Society Silver Medal.

She enjoys giving talks about her work and is a regular leader of wildlife and travel photography trips to all seven continents for Steppes Travel, Quark Expeditions and private clients.

Sue is a member of the Explorers Club, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and, In recognition of her photographic achievements [or work?], met Her Majesty The Queen during a special Adventurers and Explorers event held at Buckingham Palace.

When she is not in some far-flung location, Sue lives with her husband Chris in North Wales.



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