Sympathy for the Devil (15)

Part of UPRISING! Spirit of 68 - BFI National Season Running from
Last event: Wednesday 9 May 2018 at 6pm
  • £9.50
    Aged Under 26: £7

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  • Cinema

Part of: Uprising! Spirit of 68 - a film season

Director: Jean-Luc Godard
Stars The Rolling Stones

Part rock documentary, part exploration of 60s’ counter culture. Godard’s ground-breaking film intersperses footage of The Rolling Stones in their studio recording with images from the wider world encompassing anti-war protests, the Black Panther movement, and radical feminism.

The screening will be preceded by a discussion from University of Chester: Mai’68 from France to the World.

A look at some of the most memorable posters from the Atelier populaire with Claire Griffiths. Brenda Garvey will then look at how the feminist movement, born of Mai ’68, is remembered by women today. She will hand on to Monika Kukolova for a view of May ’68 from Prague with family anecdotes and memories of the events. The presentations will conclude with a view of the memorable summer of ’68 from other cities in the French-speaking world with Timo Obergoeker.

There will be no trailers before this screening – the film will start at 6pm.




Approx 100 mins