Lunchtime Lectures: Targeting Inequalities in Desperate Times

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Last event: Tuesday 19 January at 12pm
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In the year 2020 the world has been plunged into chaos at the hands of a seemingly uncontrollable pandemic. Perhaps as a consequence, this year has also highlighted the desperate inequalities that still exist within our society.

Professor Chantal Davies will explore whether such desperate times call for the use of targeted positive action aimed at addressing these inequalities. Chantal will break down some of the negative mythology and misconceptions around positive action and challenge participants to question whether the worst form of inequality is to try and make unequal things equal.

Lunchtime Lectures is a collaboration between Storyhouse and the University of Chester, providing an open platform for debate on a range of topics and fascinating subjects.

They take place on the third Tuesday of each month.

This lecture will be taking place on Zoom. Please click here for the link.


Approx 60 mins

Showing until: Wednesday 24 March

1hr 12 | A critical observation of human civilization through the unfamiliar gaze of dogs. As they search for food and shelter, strays Zeytin, Nazar and Kartal embark on inconspicuous journeys through Turkish society. The lives of the three intersect when they each form intimate bonds with a group of young Syrians who share the streets with them.

On Stage Lunchtime Lectures – Material culture, historical objects and new dimensions to learning Chester’s Medieval past

The recent ‘material turn’ within historical studies has put objects at the centre of learning. This talk will explore the impact on children of bringing everyday objects from the Medieval period into the classroom.

Mouthpiece (15)
Showing until: Wednesday 31 March

1hr 31 | A powerful, funny and original look into the conflicted psyche of Cassandra Haywood -a fiercely independent millennial woman. Following the sudden death of her mother she finds herself in crisis and what unfolds is a wild careening through grief, anger, sex and self-sabotage.

Amber and Me (U)
Showing until: Sunday 4 April

1hr 19 | Amber has Down’s Syndrome and is about to start primary school with her twin, Olivia. The film follows the challenges for both girls through 4 years of school and charts the changes in their relationship.

Iorram (Boat Song) (PG)
Showing until: Wednesday 31 March

1hr 36 | The first cinema documentary entirely in Scottish Gaelic, Iorram (Boat Song) is a lyrical portrait of the fishing community in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides.

Poly Styrene: I Am a Cliché (12A)
Showing until: Wednesday 31 March

1hr 29 | Poly Styrene introduced the world to a new sound of rebellion and was the 1st woman of colour in the UK to front a successful rock band. This documentary follows Poly’s daughter as she examines her mother’s unopened artistic archive and traverses 3 continents to better understand Poly the icon and Poly the mother.

Rams (12)
Showing until: Wednesday 31 March

1hr 59 | Sheep-loving brothers, Colin and Les live on neighbouring ranches but have not spoken in 40 years. When a lethal illness threatens their flocks they have to put aside their long feud to work together.

Feminista Film Tour
Showing until: Wednesday 31 March

1hr 41 | Celebrating International Women’s Day with inspiring films from musical pursuits to outdoor challenges, these women are change makers and trail blazers.

White Colour Black (15)
Showing until: Wednesday 31 March

1hr 25 | Successful London based photographer Leke has it all but when a message from Senegal calls him to return ‘home’, he reluctantly leaves his carefree, hedonistic lifestyle behind.

On Stage Lunchtime Lectures – Digging into the Dark Ages: Early Medieval Fake Histories and How to Combat Them

Howard Williams explores how stereotypes and popular perceptions of the Early Middle Ages – popularly still considered the European ‘Dark Ages’ – plague our popular culture.

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