The ParaPod Movie

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Last event: Friday 13 March at 8pm
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  • Garret Theatre

The first podcast to be turned into a feature length film, The Parapod Movie follows Ian Boldsworth and Barry Dodds as they visit the most haunted village in the world, the home of the world’s most violent poltergeist, the underground labyrinths of Edinburgh, and everywhere in between, as Barry tries with increasing desperation to find some proof to convince his cynical friend that ghosts are real. What follows is a journey of true discovery, of shocks, emotional turmoil and a bewildering climax, peppered with The ParaPod’s trademark conflict and hilarity. You won’t believe it… but he will.

Screening followed by Q&A with Ian Boldsworth and Barry Dodds.

What the audiences said:   

“Knew the @theparapod movie would be funny but didn’t expect it to be genuinely terrifying too. Never been in a cinema where the audience have laughed so hard and jumped so much. Absolute banger from start to finish.” @hillyfoz   

“#TheParaPodMovie is not only an hilarious and often touching piece of cinema, it’s also genuinely terrifying at times. Standing ovation after the credits rolled and bloody well deserved it was too.” @gabundy   

“Following a smash hit podcast @InfiniteHermit and @Barry_Dodds (and everyone involved) have made something truly wonderful and truly sh*t scary!!! The standing ovation at the end said it all…go and see it.” Jonny Awsum   

“#TheParaPodMovie was amazing! Genuinely had me slapping my thighs laughing at points.” @CaptainClueles5   

“Seriously what a phenomenal film.” @JudgeFish   

“If it ends up near you go watch #TheParaPodMovie.” @ParaAndroid700   

“#TheParaPodMovie was sensational. Hilarious, naturally, but so much more than that. It was tense, it was moving, it was thoughtful and it was joyous. An amazing journey to witness.” @tlchimera   

“Disappointingly for me, it was not s**t.” – Richard Herring 




Approx 135 mins

Time details

1h 45 film + 30 min Q&A

Content Guidance:

Strong language

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