The Rider (15)

Part of the Kaleidoscope Festival: a week-long festival celebrating disability and challenging stereotypes
Last event: Thursday 20 September 2018 at 6pm
  • £9.50
    Aged Under 26: £7
  • Cinema

Director: Chloe Zhao
Stars: Brady Jandreau, Lane Scott, Lilly Jandreau, Cat Clifford

Brady Jandreau is a young Rodeo star, a South Dakota bronco rider. Working with horses is his life – he can tame any wild horse. Following a head injury during one of his shows Brady’s told he must give up the sport or face possible fatal damage if he were hurt again.

A compassionate, powerful film – based on a true story.




Approx 105 mins

Festival Kaleidoscope Festival 2019

A week-long festival celebrating disability and challenging stereotypes.

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