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  • Garret Theatre

Part of: Kaleidoscope Festival


Performances at 11am & 6pm

Two opportunities to watch performances from groups who wish to share a performance of dance, drama or music with others in the Garret Theatre. Everyone is welcome to attend and watch the performances.

This event is taking place in the Garret Theatre on the 4th floor of Storyhouse which is wheelchair accessible.

Morning Performance
VIVO Canal Street Dance Group
VIVO Makaton Choir
VIVO Coronation Street Centre Dance Group

Evening Performance
Cheshire Dance Downs Syndrome – Chester Group
Cheshire Dance Downs Syndrome – Winsford Group
Cheshire Dance Downs Syndrome – Crewe Group

Free to be me – An audio play written by Alicia Gough
These scenes are based on true stories and are intended to raise awareness and challenge disability discrimination. People who experience disability want to be treated with respect, empathy and dignity. During the covid pandemic in 2021, Emerge Community Arts met weekly on-line to devise the scenes you are about to hear from these powerful stories.’ A series of scenarios reacting to the discrimination people living with a disability can experience. The audio play also highlights peoples ability to overcome barriers and achieve their life goals.

Lockdown Street by Emerge Community Arts
Three episodes of the soap opera Lockdown Street, starring North Wales actor Gillian Shakespeare. Created with Emerge Community Arts through online community drama sessions during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Meet Mrs Sylvia Stopathome who is ultimately struggling with her own mental health in the midst of a world wide pandemic!

All of the events at the Kaleidoscope Week are free with a Festival Pass.

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Approx 60 mins

Activities Acorn Trail
Tue 10am; Wed 10am; Thu 10am + more times
The Den

The animals of Acorn Wood have lost some special giant acorns! Can you find all ten acorns or will it drive you nuts?!

Activities Make a Fox from Acorn Wood
The Den

They say you can never out-fox a fox so why not make one instead? Try our wonderful wildlife craft and take home your very own forest friend.

Activities Easter Crafts
Tomorrow 12pm; Sun 12pm; Mon 12pm
The Den

Hop down to Storyhouse and celebrate the holidays by making some smashing Easter Wreaths! Adorned with bunny faces and seasonal shapes, they are sure to make an ‘egg-citing’ addition to your bedroom door.

Cinema Three Colours trilogy: White (15)

1 hr 32 | Following ‘Blue’, ‘White’ is the second instalment of Kieslowski’s Three Colours Trilogy of the French revolutionary ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.   

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Cinema Three Colours trilogy: Red (15)

1 hr 39 | Kieslowski completes his Three Colours Trilogy with a tale of parallel lives and interwoven destinies, and draws connecting threads with the two previous films.

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Cinema Three Colours trilogy: Blue (15)

1 hr 38 | Julie loses her composer husband and their child in a car crash and, though devastated, she tries to make a new start, away from her country house and a would-be lover

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Cinema Infinity Pool (18)

1 hr 58 | AD | In a luxury resort, a writer and his wealthy wife are persuaded by a mysterious young woman to explore the Island beyond the secure boundaries of the hotel

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Cinema Pearl (15)

1 hr 43 | AD | Set in the end days of the Spanish Flu, Pearl is trapped on an isolated farm, tending to her ailing father whilst lusting for the glamorous life she’s seen in movies

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On Stage Storyhouse Eurovision Party in the Kitchen
The Kitchen

Get yourselves down to The Kitchen for a fun-filled, sequin-stuffed, point-packed watch-along party as we cheer and celebrate the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

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Activities Fostering Drop-in
Meeting Room

Want to make a difference to a child’s life? Join us in the meeting room to find out more about fostering for your local council.