Edy Hurst is a master of theme tunes, and you can be too. Using top facts about yourself, improvisation, loop pedals, a guitar and a laptop, create a family ballad, your own anthem, or anything that pops into your head with the help of Edy.
Edy has performed improvised songs across the country as part of his stand-up comedy, and by combining this with his experience of working with families and producing participatory creative workshops he has created this unique musical workshop. Using a wide selection of easy to play instruments (triangles, drums, kazoos etc.) as well as his guitar, a loop pedal and a laptop, he’ll show participants how they can easily make their own theme tunes at home, using free software and whatever noises they can make.

Age guide: 7+ (you know your kids best – this is a recommendation, not a restriction)


Approx 90 mins

On Stage Alice in Wonderland
Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre

The team behind Stig of the Dump, The Wind in the Willows and The Secret Garden bring you a heartfelt,…