A night of hip-hop, film & poetry: 20 Stories High

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Last event: Friday 18 November 2022 at 7.30pm
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Next Friday at Storyhouse: a night of hip-hop, film & spoken word from the North West’s best rappers, singers and poets. 

What happens when some of the North West’s finest rappers, singers and poets get creative in one space? The answer: something truly unique. 20 Stories High are back on the road with a double bill bursting at the seams with originality, scouse humour and grit. Themes and stories across the evening include-public displays of affection in same sex couples, the highs and lows of transitioning and uplifting tales of Black empowerment.

First up is TOUCHY – a collection of award-winning short films on the theme of touch. Unique stories told through a mash up of eye-popping animation, heartfelt music video, and gripping drama all shown on the big screen.

Next up is ANTHOLOGY – a raw piece of gig theatre that promises to raise the roof! A collection of uncompromising, emotive, and funny, personal testimonies. Expect heavy-hip-hop vibes, uplifting R and B, and a unique blend of poetry infused ninja moves!

Content Warning

The stories are challenging, but also hopeful. Contains strong language and storylines exploring systemic racism, substance abuse, eating disorders, transitioning, sexual consent, neurodiversity, and the covid-19 pandemic.

Contains depictions of sexual imagery and references to sexual trauma. You can access the selfcare toolkit here.






Approx 110 mins

Time details

Includes an interval

Content Guidance:

Contains flashing images