Bridget Caffrey, Julie Bailey-McHale, Vicky Ridgeway, Bex Bailey-McHale and Helen Fruin: Using visual imagery to explore the ‘boggy landscape’ of practice learning in social work education – a transformative learning experience

Part of Educating Creatively Conference. Running from
Last event: Thursday 5 September at 3.15pm
  • Storyhouse Theatre

Bridget Caffrey is a registered social worker and MA Social Work Programme Lead at the UoC.

Julie has 18 years’ experience in health and social care education, and currently leads on quality assurance and enhancement in the Faculty of Health and Social Care at the University of Chester.

Vicky is a registered adult nurse. She works at the University of Chester as the Director of Pre-Registration Nursing being responsible for leading and managing the pre-registration nursing programme; she is an Associate Professor of Nursing, Gerontology and Education

Helen Fruin is a Senior Lecturer in social work and a registered social worker. She worked in adult services prior to working as an independent practice educator and placement development consultant.

Bridget, Julie, Vicky, Bex and Helen will present their research project, which used visual imagery to explore social work students’ perceptions of practice learning (placements). We explored the impact of the drawings produced on practice educators and University tutors.

The images depict students’ awareness of power and feeling judged, a lack of diversity within social work and a disconnection between university teaching and practice learning.




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